Sunday 08/09/19 Yazid Fentazi and EIRA/Snow

***** World Jazz *****

EIRA/SNOW; has the great honour for this gig to play with international renowned Oud player, Yazid Fentazi, in this special collaboration.
Having played together previously at the Mwalimu Express at Rich Mix in Shoreditch we found an obvious musical synergy and one of those rare instant moments of creating something very powerful between the three players.
Yazid is a superb innovator, composer and producer of Arabic fusion and a true clear voice for music. His love of native Algeria exudes through his playing and manages to combine a sense of the familiar with a thirst of the exotic.
EIRA/snow; is a union between Caractacus Downes and Lyndon Owen, two multi-instrumentalists who combine influences as diverse as the music of the Celts to that of the Middle East, Spain to the landsof eastern Europe; a true fusion from two players who have a long standing and close understanding.

“ … there’s a sense of being taken on a musical ‘world tour’ at every Eira/Snow gig … but for all this Eira/Snow’s pieces are primarily folk tunes with infectious melodies and strong grooves and an essential simplicity that ensures that they remain accessible no matter how far the band may push them.” Ian Mann 1/2/2017

Supported by Music in Monmouth